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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Race to World First (2011) WoW Documentary

Yesterday I posted some thoughts on WoW Insider's Breakfast Topic concerning 'Do you talk about WoW at work?'. Nyxrinne (of Touch of Death) commented and the brief conversation that followed got me thinking about the aspects of WoW that are applicable in the real world. By this I mean things like communication skills, team work and leadership. All of these are desireable traits. However, talking about them in the context of gaming on your CV may not impress a possibly employer.

These thoughts soon reminded me of the Race to World First (2011) WoW documentary. A guildie told me about this documentary back in September 2012. It's really interesting and something that I think every WoW player should see. It also touches on the real-world skills you can gain from playing WoW and public opinion of the game and it's players.

Below is a brief description of the documentary and a link to view hope. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

"Race to World First' documents the struggles, triumphs, and frustrations of the 25-man World of Warcraft guild Blood Legion as it prepares to beat the newest bosses released within the game by Blizzard Entertainment. This is a global battle between 12 million people and competition is intense. As the race gets underway, the film broadens in scope to include players from Finland, Russia, Australia, Great Britain, Greece, and Germany. They discuss what it takes to compete at the highest level, and the rivalries and life/game conflicts that inevitably arise. 'Race to World First' redefines the image of the gamer, focusing on the commitment, cooperation, and tremendous diversity within this culture. For gamers both proud and closeted."

Trailer: http://youtu.be/xkLosQzcYDk

Link to full Documentary:


  1. Oh thanks for that Jojo! I will need to go look at that.

    1. Hope you enjoy it if you get around to watching it :)

  2. Thanks for linking this! I found the clash between the two Blood Legion leaders especially interesting. I still can't get my head around being able to play in such a high-pressure environment when you're at loggerheads with each other all the time. I guess it's something to do with the drive, or maybe even professionalism, of top ten guilds.

    I can't help but think the variety of people adds to and detracts from the worth of raiding experience as something that might make someone a better employee, mind.

    On one hand, networking, leadership, unified goals!

    On the other hand, the brilliant boomkin could be rising above a bad situation - or hiding away from it in online success. I'm not sure.

    Maybe, the stigma aside, that's part of why WoW is such a polarised topic: because it sets commitment and hard work right alongside escapism, and makes it very hard to discern between the two.

    1. It's a good documentary. I too found the Blood Legion leadership dynamic quite interesting! Yeah I think they have so much passion about raiding , being number 1 etc that they make it into a high-pressure environment. I know that I wouldn't be able to do it!
      I agree with your last point. I think that the documentary really shows both the commitment people have to the game and how the game is their means of escape from reality etc.
      One thing that really amazed me and I guess opened my eyes to the more serious WoW guilds is that they took time off work to play in order to be number 1. Or, in the case of the BL GM, couldn't have a job and manage the guild. It shows real commitment!